Our Virtual Presence Assessment (VPA) and Sidekick products require access to your webcam and microphone. We understand and respect this can feel uncomfortable. We have made your privacy our number one priority at Virtual Sapiens.  This document discloses how our applications and AI works, and how your privacy is respected.



Virtual Presence Assessment: Uses a “magic link” to authenticate you via an email confirmation. No username or password is required. 


Sidekick: To avoid requiring a login and password, we utilize authentication with 3rd party applications – Google, Microsoft, and Zoom. 


Your Video/Audio Stream + AI Model Design

Our AI analysis of your video/audio happens 100% in-browser. This means your video WILL NEVER be sent over the internet, stored, or viewed by anyone.  Unlike other systems that will stream your video to a server, your video is never stored and never transmitted. 


What Virtual Sapiens sees and processes is raw data points from your face, hands, and upper body positioning.  For example, we can see the coordinates of the tip of your nose, the angular direction of your iris, the yaw and pitch of your head, and more.  


For audio, we look at frequencies and volume, and utilize the localized Web Speech API to assist in calculating your speech speed (VPA only for speech speed).


So what happens to all that raw data we process?  

The Virtual Sapiens cloud is a modern microservices architecture securely deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


At the end of your call/assessment, we securely synchronize your raw data to our cloud environment.  The raw data only consists of body  positioning points and audio frequencies. It does not include any images or sounds.  This data is used to provide your non-verbal scoring and further train the AI.


Other network connections in Sidekick

The Sidekick Application will request access to your Google and/or Outlook calendar and/or your Zoom account. This is done to allow Sidekick to automatically launch and close based on your video events.



We have gone through a rigorous security process with Google, Microsoft, and Zoom.  This process allowed us to become certified applications with each provider, ensuring best practices when connecting to their services.