The Power of Small, Daily Nudges

Sustained improvement, the kind that sticks, never happens over night. In fact, it is often difficult to see just how much we are improving because unless someone, or something, is monitoring our progress, the improvements happen incrementally, little by little, over time.

While we may want to experience (and display) massive improvements just like that, the reality is often quite different. 

As authors like James Clear (Atomic Habits) have noted, the keys to success lie in the consistency of small habits, compounded over time, that end up feeding massive improvement and change in the long run. In his own words, Clear supports building new habits and improvements by making them “obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying”.

Atomic Habits - James Clear

As a dancer, I can attest to this. It would often be very frustrating to be working at improving the same element of a movement for weeks on end, until someone who hadn’t witnessed the daily efforts comes over and is amazed by the seemingly drastic change. 

At Virtual Sapiens, we are firm believers in two things: 

  • That habits can be intentionally rewired over time
  • That consistent and intentional practice is the key to sustained improvement

The way we see it, if you are on frequent video calls, you might as well use them as an opportunity for applied practice. Our Sidekick product, which got some great attention last week in the Boston Globe, is built on such beliefs. The Sidekick provides gentle and consistent nudges so you can course correct ‘in the act’, building muscle memory around core elements of communication and presence on video. 

We make improving your communication and presence obvious and attractive by layering our feedback directly on top of your already happening video meetings. Your feedback is simple, personal and actionable. Dare we say…it may even be satisfying, to finally get the feedback you need to sustainably improve your communication and presence in important video meetings. 

Your lives as professionals are loaded! We want to meet you where you are, providing you with the small nudges, multiple times a day that can eventually turn into completely revamped habits. With our nudge technology, we make getting those reps in a natural part of your meeting day. Your daily meetings become your very own communication gym, with real-time feedback and coaching that most often comes at a massive premium (both financially and time wise).

Our new world of work presents challenges, but also opportunities. We are all for leveraging available technology so we can all connect better, online. 

If you haven’t yet tried out the Sidekick, try it out on a free trial today!