Virtual Sapiens Sidekick - Every Superhero needs a Sidekick.

Our Vision

A world fueled by real human connection, on screen, and off.

Our Mission

To democratize holistic communication coaching and insights so we can elevate human experiences in Work 2.0.

We believe:

  • Powerful communication is about more than just the script
  • Videos have the power to deliver human connection and impact when real skills are developed
  • Quality coaching can be facilitated by AI
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Leadership Team

Rachel Cossar-photo

Rachel Cossar


Rachel Cossar is a leader in the field of nonverbal communication and leadership presence facilitation. As a former nationally ranked athlete and professional ballet dancer, Rachel has a knack of translating unique skills into relatable business skills and competencies.

Virtual Sapiens comes as an evolution of Rachel’s combined work as founder of Choreography for Business, a nonverbal communication consulting firm as well as a faculty member with Mobius Executive Leadership and as a leadership presence facilitator with Ariel Group. Rachel has worked with leaders from GE, BCG, Pfizer, Accenture, McKinsey, HBS and more.

With the increased dependency of video events as a way to connect and drive impact across organizations, Rachel and her team at Virtual Sapiens are excited to open up a world of access when it comes to one of the most human, and most important skills in business – communication.

Check out more of Rachel’s work:


Neal Kaiser


Neal Kaiser is a seasoned technology entrepreneur. He brings over 20 years of experience as a leader, advisor, and mentor. He has a passion for product development, strategy, team building, and culture.

Previously, Neal was the Founder and CEO of Upshot Commerce. He designed and developed one of the first enterprise-scale eCommerce platforms which is in use by hundreds of mid-market and Fortune 500 customers. After a successful acquisition, his attention was focused on how to use machine learning to improve communication in the new digital world.

Neal is a strong believer that the most valuable skill, regardless of industry, is effective communication. He is passionate and excited about using AI/ML to help democratize access to communication coaching and to provide organizations with the platform necessary to bridge the gaps in our new hybrid workforce.