Our Story

Work today has no limits.  Our success depends less on where we are and more on having impact wherever we are — and these days that’s often through video communications. 

The trouble is, we all have blind spots that keep us from showing our full professional selves on video calls.

That’s why we started Virtual Sapiens.  Our suite of AI solutions empower entire teams to uplevel their presence and communication. We show the “you” others see through the screen.  Through our industry-leading expertise in non-verbal, verbal and vocal elements of communication, we leverage cutting-edge computer vision to reveal what’s hidden and help entire teams rewire behavior for stronger presence on screen, and off.  

A photo of Neal Kaiser and Rachel Cossar
Our Vision

A world fueled by real human connection, on screen, and off.

Our Mission

To help teams uplevel communication skills through personalized feedback at scale.

We believe:

  • What’s not said, is as important as what is
  • All levels of employees deserve to feel competent as communicators
  • Revealing communication blindspots is essential to building trust, confidence and impact
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Leadership Team

Rachel Cossar-photo

Rachel Cossar


Rachel Cossar is a leader in the field of nonverbal communication and leadership presence facilitation. As a former nationally ranked athlete and professional ballet dancer, Rachel has a knack of translating unique skills into relatable business skills and competencies.

Virtual Sapiens comes as an evolution of Rachel’s combined work as founder of Choreography for Business, a nonverbal communication consulting firm as well as a faculty member with Mobius Executive Leadership and as a leadership presence facilitator with Ariel Group. Rachel has worked with leaders from GE, BCG, Pfizer, Accenture, McKinsey, HBS and more.

With the increased dependency of video events as a way to connect and drive impact across organizations, Rachel and her team at Virtual Sapiens are excited to open up a world of access when it comes to one of the most human, and most important skills in business – communication.

Check out more of Rachel’s work:


Neal Kaiser


Neal Kaiser is a seasoned technology entrepreneur. He brings over 20 years of experience as a leader, advisor, and mentor. He has a passion for product development, strategy, team building, and culture.

Previously, Neal was the Founder and CEO of Upshot Commerce. He designed and developed one of the first enterprise-scale eCommerce platforms which is in use by hundreds of mid-market and Fortune 500 customers. After a successful acquisition, his attention was focused on how to use machine learning to improve communication in the new digital world.

Neal is a strong believer that the most valuable skill, regardless of industry, is effective communication. He is passionate and excited about using AI/ML to help democratize access to communication coaching and to provide organizations with the platform necessary to bridge the gaps in our new hybrid workforce.


Abbie Morono

Abbie Marono, PhD

Dr. Abbie Maroño is the Director of Education at Social-Engineer, LLC, the Director of BRINC (Behavioural Research in Communications), an associate of JNForensics llc, and a lecturer in Psychology. Her research supports the advancement of behavioral science and nonverbal communication in particular.

Clayton Kim

Clayton Kim

As COO at Fount, Clayton loves building teams to solve hard problems. He led AI/ML efforts at Digital Ventures, the corporate innovation and business building arm of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). At Wayfair as a Principal Data Scientist, he led efforts to modernize machine learning workflows to enable teams to solve new problems and move faster.

Mary Shea

Mary Shea, PhD

Mary Shea is an advocate for empowerment and innovation in the world of sales. As the Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach, Mary comes to the table with immense expertise from her time as principal analyst at Forrester, an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, and a chief revenue officer at various global technology companies. Mary’s work can be seen featured in various academic and commercial publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Selling Power, and others.


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