AI tools for modern communication coaches

Communication coaching is a rewarding field with powerful results, but it’s difficult to scale, and results are hard to measure. We get it. 

That’s why our AI tools are built to save coaches time while reinforcing your training approach. We’ve combined non-verbal and verbal expertise with cutting-edge AI and computer vision so you can help learners of all skill levels communicate with greater impact.


ASSESS their presence

Our AI Presence Portal gives you a powerful and engaging new way to help clients assess baseline communication skills with clear, accurate metrics. With unlimited assessment attempts, clients can practice in private and share results with you, so together, you can track progress over time. 

Help learners IMPROVE faster

Our Presence Platform and in-call Sidekick Coach provide flexible ways for your clients to practice and integrate their learnings to improve their authority, trustworthiness and persuasiveness during any video call.

Help more people MASTER video communications

We add layers of personalized training to any program, giving your learners more frequent feedback and freeing you up to focus on the critical areas that help them shine. The result? Scalable training experiences that help you amplify your impact as a coach (or firm)!