Leverage our patented, best in class presence AI insights with zero computer vision lift.

Raise your video platform above the rest – bring our presence insights to life directly in your platform to improve engagement and quality on video. 

Check out our API-first architecture

From the beginning, we wanted to make our patented AI presence insights available to partners.  Distinguish your LMS, video platform or coaching program from your competitors with our APIs.

Our insights go deeper than identifying the number of smiles or filler words…our insights are built on years of research and nuance in human communication with a special focus on behaviors over video.

Our API-first architecture is specifically designed to bring the following platforms to life:
Video conferencing solutions
  • Browser based (Google Meet, Go To Meeting etc.)
  • Native applications (Zoom, Teams etc.)
Asynchronous video platforms
  • Coaching and training
  • Video Testimonials
  • Virtual Interviewing
  • Internal company culture building and communication platforms

Interested in bringing your platform and analytics to the next level?