Your client’s-eye view.

Leading confident people in our new world of work means giving them the tools to succeed on video. 

That’s why we built them. We’ve paired industry-leading expertise in non-verbal, vocal and verbal communications with cutting-edge computer vision. Our tools reveal what is often missed when your teams present.

Assessing virtual presence

ASSESS teams with personalized feedback

Our Presence Portal provides self-serve options for customized feedback to help entire teams improve their video presence and communication. Manager and team dashboards give you clear baseline statistics to measure their skills and growth when they’re communicating through screens.

IMPROVE performance with real-time cues

Our in-call coach — Sidekick — gives everyone on your team a simple view of their performance during video calls, with proven cues that nudge them to show up at their best.

Empower teams to MASTER video communications

In all of our tools, motivating metrics, personalized insights and tailored plans empower your teams to do their best — speaking, presenting and selling with more confidence.

Our Manager dashboards give you the tools to lead with confidence in a remote world of work.