Empower your customers with best-in-class nonverbal insights

Harness the power of our best-in-class nonverbal communication insights to amplify your platform or services. 

Why We Partner

Our mission at Virtual Sapiens is to unlock best-in-class nonverbal communication insights to as many professionals and teams as possible.

This means we are always looking for future-thinking platforms and services who wish to amplify their services by incorporating our unique insights.

Who We Partner With

We currently partner in a variety of ways with top tier, international coaching firms, recruiting platforms and universities.

  • Seamlessly add our self-serve assessment and coaching solutions to existing programs
  • Whitelabel our technology to leverage insights directly within your user interface and branding
  • Embed our technology and pair our insights with existing AI and human feedback for a 360 degree perspective

If you are an existing video platform, a coaching/skills building firm or a conversational AI service, let’s talk.

Why Our Partners Love Virtual Sapiens

Denis Saulnier

“Partnering with Virtual Sapiens has been one of the more exciting topics of conversation and exploration with our clients. They realize immediately that the virtual presence assessment solution combines the power of technology, the convenience of self-serve, and the allure of innovation to augment communication training and provide practice and reinforcement opportunities. It’s also the first tool we’ve ever felt comfortable adding to our standard training and coaching catalog.” - Denis Saulnier, SVP, Solution Strategy, Ariel Group