AMA: How AI Can Be Used To Coach Body Language

AI is slinging insights left and right – but almost all of the insights are based on what is being said.

We have a fresh new series of Ask Me Anything videos with myself and Dr. Marono. In our first video of this series, we are digging into how AI and body language/behavioral communication interact from a coaching perspective.

For us at Virtual Sapiens, we are extremely focused on the ‘why’ behind the insights our AI reveals. The need to be clear about the ‘so what’ has never been more important. 

Whether the AI is picking up on what is being said, or how, the coaching application means this AI will likely end up influencing the way we behave. The only way to do this well, is if we understand how different behaviors influence ourselves, and our audiences. Similarly, supporting insights backed by real science empower the user with education around why they should even care.

Check out this short video explaining how AI can be applied to provide coaching and feedback on your body language and nonverbals, and what we keep in mind at Virtual Sapiens. (BONUS! I also mention the difference between AI and Machine Learning…for the nerdier bunch out there 😊 )

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