Critical Nonverbal Behaviors For Recruiters

Who you hire is the number one most important factor in the success of a business as it grows.

There is a lot of technology focused on how the interviewee might be doing…but what about the recruiter? How might their behavior be affecting the conversation, the level of trust and rapport that ultimately reflects the likelihood of a good fit being established?

In this Ask Me Anything, Dr. Abbie Marono and I discuss the critical nonverbals recruiters should be aware of during the interview process.

Give the below short video a watch and hear more about the following nonverbal behaviors and how they may be influencing the possibility of your next hire: 

❤️  Show appropriate affect: What is the tone of this interview? Your candidate is looking for cues as to how they should be showing up. Be clear with the way you are communicating.
❤️  Don’t subdue your nonverbals: be expressive so your candidate is encouraged to show up as authentically as possible
❤️ Leverage hand gestures effectively: open palm hand gestures are welcoming displays or honesty and can help put a candidate at ease. It also helps them see you are fully present and with them throughout the call. 
❤️  Show you are actively listening to them: Don’t underestimate this one. Studies show that when you exhibit displays of active listening, this encourages the speaker to open up more.
❤️  Keep your eye gaze from drifting away: Nothing like someone’s eyes gaze to let us know when someone would rather be somewhere else. Unless you explicitly want the conversation to end, (in which case, just say the words), keep your eye gaze aligned with the screen your lens is on. 

Especially when interviews are lengthy, or you find yourself in back to back interviews, keeping these behaviors in mind will save the interaction, and ensure you are getting to know the real person behind the screen. 

Not a recruiter and sound familiar? Of course! Because we are also describing any kind of conversation wherein you are trying to discover more about someone, to develop a baseline relationship from which much more can grow.

Whether it’s sales, customer success, or managing a new team member, these things must be considered, especially over video where communication can so easily misfire. 

Give this video a look, and let us know how these behaviors might come in handy for you!