Face, torso and hands? Oh my!

A question many professionals are asking themselves in our world of video connection is: 

How do you combat the lack of “full body package” as you tend to only see a small portion of the body on video?

In this short video, check out Dr. Marono’s perspective of the way we make up for any lost cues by placing additional emphasis on the face, the upper body postures (shoulders), arm and hand movements. 

As we think about the way we show up, we realize there is actually a lot to work with, and be aware of.

Since video is the only digital means that allows us to leverage the nonverbals of our facial expressions, our arm and hand gestures and our posture, we should not take these cues lightly. 

Stay tuned for more short videos featuring Dr. Abbie Maroño, PhD and myself as we explain some of the trickier nonverbals, and how we can update our body language for video conversations. 

Have a question? We will be hosting these recorded, AMA once a quarter, please reply directly to this email and we will include it in our next recording session!