How to Use Open Palm Gestures…Without Looking Silly

As a follow up to all of the activity featuring hand gestures on video, one of our community members asked our expert advisor, Dr. Marono:

How we can make good use of open palm hand gestures, without looking like we are engaging in a criminal arrest?

In this short video, check out Dr. Marono’s perspective of the nuance we can use in showing the palms of our hands with more subtlety.

As explained in the video, in western cultures, the palms of our hands are the ultimate symbol of genuine openness and honesty. We are quite literally saying, ‘I have nothing to hide/I am not hiding anything’ from a nonverbal perspective. 

Stay tuned for more short videos featuring Dr. Marono and myself as we explain some of the trickier nonverbals, and how we can update our body language for video conversations. 

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