Make Video Meetings More Human.

For most professionals on video, nonverbal communication is a massive blindspot – and what our audience perceives, is often not what we intend to communicate.

Get the nonverbal communication feedback you need to master your video presence with Virtual Sapiens Sidekick – your in-call AI communication coach. 

Sidekick overview

Body Language and Presence Insights Delivered by AI

The Virtual Sapiens Sidekick unlocks powerful communication coaching on video calls.

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of how you communicate is non-verbal
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body and face landmarks used by our ai
Works with All Video Platforms

Seamlessly works with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WebEx, and more

Backed by Communication Experts

Algorithms verified by leading communication & behavorial science experts

Privacy First

AI runs locally on-device. Video & audio never leave your computer.

Calendar Integration

Automatically launch according to your Google and/or Outlook calendar

Coaching On-Demand

Feedback you need, when you need it. Asynchronously, or live and in-call.

Gamified Improvement

Receive positive reinforcement and track progress over time


What our users say about us.

Sidekick and Virtual Sapiens provides such invaluable feedback in my day to day work. In my current role, I give alot of presentations and workshops and being able to see what areas of my Screen Framing, Virtual Presence and First Impression were needing improvement helped me become a better public speaker online. In our virtual world of meetings and presentations, we never get the opportunity to collect feedback on if we are doing a good job of building trust with our clients, and Virtual Sapiens provides this feedback in Real Time. I highly recommend this product for your teams as we look to improve our virtual connections.
Walter Mannino
Sr. Business Development Manager for HubSpot for Startups
The virtual world of meetings and connections is here to stay, so I would recommend boosting your virtual presence with Virtual Sapiens. It's really easy and surprisingly fun!
Career Development Specialist
The results were amazing. Everyone in our sales team now feels more confident and present in front of the camera and is much more convincing when talking to customers.
Sales Enablement Manager - IT
As a CEO running an accountability coaching focused company, that's big and I'm a big believer in incremental improvement - a 1% positive change with each call really adds up to big improvements!
Startup CEO
At BTCPA we work virtual but stay connected. Virtual Sapiens helped our team improve their impact when connecting online. We learned how to communicate on screen like we were sitting across the table – eye contact, head movement, use your gestures, and more! They gave us the tools to differentiate ourselves in the market.
Pamela W. Baker, CPA, Managing Partner
CPA, Managing Partner
I am really blown away with the results from using Virtual Sapiens to optimize my on screen presence! There was just so much I took for granted previously. Virtual Sapiens does a great job explaining the significance of things like hand gestures, Camera angles and lighting! The sidekick, and pre-call check have been my go to. It gives that added boost of confidence going into an important client call or company meeting that can make the difference you need to be successful.
Executive Performance Coach
After years of using Zoom without any specific guidance, glad I discovered the Sidekick from Virtual Sapiens! With its AI/ML at work during my live video calls, I receive honest & real-time feedback on what I should NOT be doing. So I guess I shouldn’t be eating a bagel during my conference call? Thanks for the nudges and alert Virtual Sapiens team!
VP, Commercial Banking
As someone who relies on video calls for client interactions, the opportunity to receive constructive and consistent feedback is extremely valuable. Virtual Sapiens successfully identified my blind spots and worked to correct them over time via nudges and post-call feedback. This tool is essential for quality interactions over video.
Partner - Wealth Management
the future of work is here

Video is the most human, digital channel of communication.

Effectively mastering your video presence gives you a leg up on your competition. Try out Virtual Sapiens for asynchronous and live, in-call coaching. Driven by humans, unlocked by AI.

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