An updated learning platform for forward thinking educators.

Virtual communications are a required business skill.

That’s why we created a platform that can easily amplify existing leadership and communications curriculum within future thinking Universities, so students can thrive outside the “classroom”.


Help students ASSESS their presence

Our AI Presence Portal provides a safe space for students to get personalized feedback on their communication and presence over video. Our AI reveals communication blind spots that can hold students back in presentations and interviews. 

Give students the tools to IMPROVE

Our in-call Sidekick Coach lets you give every student on-demand measures of authority, credibility and persuasiveness during any video call. Helping students thrive and grow everyday.

Be the university that MASTERS communication and presence in our new world of work

Our customized learning programs are proven to help students improve their virtual presence, at any experience or skill level. And as science reveals more about non-verbal communications, we adjust our tools accordingly. Raising your organization’s presentation game.