Meet Sidekick, your key to leveling up on video.

Mastering nonverbal communication is a superpower – especially over video. 

Virtual Sapiens Sidekick uses AI and science-based communication best practices to help professionals unlock the impact of remote work. 

How the Sidekick works

We've built an AI-based coaching tool you can use whenever you want, from your preferred video platform.
Works with All Video Platforms

Seamlessly works with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WebEx, and more

Backed by Communication Experts

Algorithms verified by leading communication & behavorial science experts

Privacy First

AI runs locally on-device. Video & audio never leaves your computer.

Calendar Integration

Automatically launch according to your Google and Outlook calendar

Coaching On-Demand

Pre-call, real-time and post-call coaching and feedback

Gamified Improvement

Receive positive reinforcement and track progress over time

seamless integration and auto-launch*

Make every video meeting count

The Sidekick connects with Google and Outlook calendars to automatically display meetings. Our auto-launch feature allows for zero-hassle launching at the start of your call. 

*You may turn auto-launch off at any time in your Sidekick extension

Sidekick calendar
Pre-call check
pre-call check

Send a strong first impression over video

Get automatically notified before each call to ensure your lighting and framing are optimal.

Research shows eye gaze and camera angle have a significant effect on impression formation. 

The way you position yourself in relation to the lens and the way you direct your eye gaze influence your associated likeability, social presence and interpersonal attraction on video.


Improve your presence and engagement on video calls

Our live, in-call nudges help you stay present and looking your most professional in video meetings. 

post call summary report

Get a comprehensive post-call review 

After every call you will receive a breakdown of how you did according to our metrics.

Get a snapshot of how you did in each meeting immediately after the fact.

Progress Tracking (Sidekick+ users only)

Track your progress over time and measure improvement 

Trends Page

With Sidekick+ track your progress over time with our interactive dashboards.

Call History

Refer back to any meeting you like in your call history.

Learning Lab

Take a deeper dive into the world of non-verbal communication with our Learning Lab videos and content. 

"The virtual world of meetings and connections is here to stay, so I would recommend boosting your virtual presence with Virtual Sapiens. It's really easy and surprisingly fun!"
Career Development Specialist
"I am a regular member of toastmasters club and have improved over the years. Virtual Sapiens takes that a step further and adds the video nuances in that we should be aware of but don't always have the self awareness. Taking 1 minute to recording the intro will pay dividends over time in your development - in both personal and professional situations."
Executive Director - IT
"Awareness is crucial when it comes improving or optimizing your performance. Virtual Sapiens helps fill in the gaps so that we can be more effective communicators with our clients."
Partner - Wealth Management
"The results were amazing. Everyone in our sales team now feels more confident and present in front of the camera and is much more convincing when talking to customers."
Sales Enablement Manager - IT
Team on video call

Looking to Empower Your Team on Video?

Reach out for team pricing and get access to:

  • Admin controls and user permissions
  • Performance dashboards to support team coaching
  • Overall team trends and progress tracking
  • Leaderboards and certifications
  • Weekly email digests for team summaries