X-ray vision for virtual meetings

It’s tough to see our blind spots when communicating on video calls. The non-verbal tells that hold us back from showing our full selves.

That’s why we created AI tools that use cutting-edge computer vision to reveal the real “you” others see through the screen — and ways to show up bigger.

Virtual Sapiens Sidekick

ASSESS your presence

Our AI assessment sets your baseline across the most important communication metrics, like authority, trustworthiness and engagement. Revealing your “blind spots” — and ways to show up bigger.

IMPROVE your persuasion power

Our Sidekick Coach gives you simple, visual cues that boost your authority, trustworthiness and persuasiveness in any video call.

MASTER video communications

Our customized learning paths are scientifically-proven to help you improve your virtual presence, no matter your experience or skill level. And as science reveals more about communication in our new world of work, we adjust our tools accordingly. Raising your presentation game and your marketability.