Frequently Asked Questions

How does the technology work?

Virtual Sapiens uses advanced machine learning tools to analyze videos and produce specific feedback. Metrics have been designed based on extensive research into effective communication techniques. VS has a unique focus on body language and nonverbal communication cues. 

Does the Sidekick work on zoom?

Yes! Virtual Sapiens is ‘platform agnostic’, meaning it works in browser alongside your preferred video conferencing platform.

Does the Sidekick work on Mac?

Yes! Virtual Sapiens works seamless on any Mac, iOS product. You can freely use Virtual Sapiens with any in-browser or application based video platform (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex, etc.)

Does the Sidekick work on PCs?

Yes! Virtual Sapiens works on your PC device with any web-based video platform (Zoom Web Application, Teams Web Application, Google Meet). However, if you would like to use a desktop application, you will need to install a virtual camera. We recommend and provide installation support for Virtual Sapiens Camera.

How does the Sidekick work?

Think of the Sidekick as your own private coach – there for you whenever you need some support, feedback and encouragement. The Sidekick autolaunches based on video events in your connected calendars. You can also use the Sidekick as a tool to practice, whenever you want.

When should I use the Sidekick?

We recommend using the Sidekick during as many video calls as possible. The best progress is seen through consistent practice. You will do your best when you feel comfortable and confident in your communication and delivery.

Can I practice with the Sidekick outside of calls?

Yes! Simply click ‘Launch Sidekick’ in your extension to get a practice round in.

Why aren’t all of my meetings showing up?

The Virtual Sapiens Sidekick pulls in video meetings only. This is because our Sidekick is there to help you communicate your best during video calls that matter. You can launch the Sidekick at any time by clicking ‘Launch Sidekick’, otherwise auto-launch features are reserved for video calendar events.

Ensure you have selected the calendar where you keep your video calls.

Can I add a new account?

Yes. Simply navigate to your profile icon and ‘Manage connected accounts’. Connect and disconnect accordingly.

What metrics will be measured?

Across our Assessment and Sidekick products, Virtual Sapiens provides users with comprehensive feedback on 12 metrics. These include set up metrics, body language metrics and vocal cue metrics. We believe it is important to provide users with concise and applicable feedback not only on what is going well and what could be improved upon, but also…why these metrics matter in the first place.

Why isn’t my camera working?

This is likely because you are on a PC device. PC devices limit the number of applications that can access the camera at the same time. In order to use desktop application video platforms (like Zoom Client for example) and the Sidekick at the same time, you will need to install a virtual camera. Once installed, you will need to select your virtual camera for your Sidekick AND your video platform preferences.

What’s next?

The Sidekick will continue to improve and add functionality and features. Think more metrics, more insights and cross team opportunities for collaboration and feedback. If you have an idea – we want to hear it!

Does Virtual Sapiens record my meetings?

No. Virtual Sapiens software does not record any of your video meetings or keep them stored anywhere. Protecting you and your company’s privacy is one of our core values.