The cheat code for your next career move

Whether it’s an interview for an advanced degree or your next job, it is likely to happen virtually — where it’s often hard to show our authentic selves. 

That’s why we created tools to reveal how others may be perceiving you over video, and the communication “blind spots” holding you back.

Assessing virtual presence

ASSESS your presence

Our platform uses cutting-edge linguistic AI and computer vision to set your personal baseline across critical communication metrics, like authority, trustworthiness and engagement. Revealing new ways to represent yourself under pressure on video.

IMPROVE your persuasion power

Our Sidekick Coach gives you private, proven cues that boost your authority, trustworthiness and persuasiveness in any video interview. Helping you make every opportunity count.

MASTER video interviews

Our customized learning paths are scientifically-proven to help you improve your virtual presence and confidence. As science reveals more about communicating in our new world of work, we adjust our tools accordingly. Raising your presentation game so you can land your next gig.