Staying Present and Grounded on Video

No matter what your remote from work set up is, chances are your body is spending a good deal of its time in the same posture.

If you are like most other screen-facing professionals out there, chances are you get immersed in your 2D reality and leave your body behind. Whether you are tuned in to your discomfort or not, being connected to our bodies is a core way to stay present, connected and energized. And when we are present, connected and energized, we are better able to fulfill our goals in harmony with our audience.

Since we are HUGE fans of keeping the body engaged and an active part of any conversation, here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your way through your day.


The simple answer is to stretch out regularly.

The body is a constantly moving ecosystem. Our bodies are most happy when our blood can flow freely from one end to the other. When our bodies are in a stagnant or locked position (which happens just as much when you are standing and hunching, locking back into your knees, as it does sitting slouched over your laptop), our body’s inner circulatory system becomes compromised.

The quickest solution is to arm yourself with a series of simple stretches to perform once every 45 minutes. We will soon have a tool to help keep you grounded and feeling good through our Virtual Sapiens platform.


At the beginnings of any workshop I lead, I take my clients through a series of stretches all designed to alleviate tension, increase blood flow and overall body awareness. These stretches are all subtle – meaning you can do them while standing, or seated in your office or home, you can even do many of them on the go.

When it comes down to it, your body craves movement. These movements don’t have to be anything fancy. Even just a few shoulder and head rolls can do the trick.

When your body feels free and smooth, as opposed to clunky and stuck, you free up your full focus; ideas and energy are yours for the taking.

It can even be as simple as getting up and going for a walk, taking a look outside the closest window and changing up your visual perspective. Research demonstrates that if you introduce breaks like this into your day, you will actually be more productive, not less in aggregate.


For those who don’t have a Virtual Sapiens account where you can access our Virtual Sapiens Academy of videos and exercises, here are some pro-tips to help keep you on track:

–       Set a timer to buzz every 45 minutes. Every time it goes off, do one or two stretches to get your body back into the picture.

–       Pay attention to how much time you are spending in prolonged periods of the same posture. If you can, move from seated to standing at least once every hour.

Start with these two simple things and I promise you, your body and your brain will thank you for this relatively small effort, that will reap massive rewards.