The State of Business Communication – 2024

Every year, Grammarly and The Harris Poll join forces to conduct a comprehensive review of trends in workplace communication. 

Unsurprisingly, this year’s focus is on the impact of Gen AI as a tool to manage communication and information overload. In the full report, which you can download here, you will find some fascinating data on the real value of Gen AI among other things. 

From our perspective at Virtual Sapiens, while we use elements of Gen AI in our application, we leverage AI from a coaching and behavioral analysis perspective. When we read this report, we are teasing out trends in how companies are dealing with the challenges in miscommunication and measuring the appetite of companies to invest in the kind of training we offer to elevate communication effectiveness across their organizations. 

Here are our main takeaways this year: 

✅  Communication in aggregate as well as the channels over which we communicate are on the rise. Being fluent across all channels is a new priority. 

✅  Meetings (virtual and in-person) continue to dominate the communication landscape. Making communication behaviors and skills of the utmost importance on video, and off. 

✅ Across all channels, effective communication positively affects employee morale and confidence, productivity and customer satisfaction. 

✅  Across all channels, poor communication negatively affects productivity, extends timelines and costs more money to get to the finish line. 

✅ The majority of skills building and communication effectiveness exists at the top of the organization. This means we need to leverage tools like Virtual Sapiens to address the skills gap knowledge workers feel across companies. 

✅ 66% and 72% of knowledge workers and leaders respectively wish their organizations would invest in tools to help them communicate more effectively. 

In conclusion and as mentioned in the report, the time is now to invest in solutions that offer effective upskilling not just for the c-suite, but across the organization. 

Communication misfires increase exponentially from one person to the next, like broken telephone. 

Solutions like Virtual Sapiens can help ensure that messages land as intended. As always, while the impact of communication can sometimes feel hard to measure, it’s helpful to keep in mind that the act of communication is at the core of everything knowledge workers and leaders do. It is time to harness more than just Gen AI to help humans communication more effectively.