Announcing Our New Talk Show!

We are thrilled to announced the pilot season of our new Talk Show – Conversations in the Future of Work. 

After being the subject and guest of many phenomenal podcasts, our CEO, Rachel Cossar turns the tables and welcomes some of the amazing leaders, coaches and scientists who have become an integral part of our community. 

Every two weeks we will air a conversation on different, relevant topics when it comes to preparing for the constantly evolving future of work. 

This week, I welcomed Beth Rogers, President of Point Taken Consulting.

We discuss the critical nature of developing human communication skills in our hybrid world. 

Check out our first full episode below along with a succinct show summary. Let us know if there is someone you think we should have on our show! 

In this particular episode, the host, Rachel Cossar, CEO of Virtual Sapiens, welcomes Beth Rogers, President and owner of Point Taken Consulting. The crux of their discussion revolves around the evolution of the workplace and how effective communication is becoming increasingly crucial in the wake of these changes.

Drawing upon her extensive experience from more than two decades working with executives and refining their interpersonal skills, Rogers emphasizes the importance of honing communication as a learned skill akin to learning a sport like tennis. She shares that just like sports, anyone can learn the art of communication and can be reasonably good at it with the correct guidance and practice, dismissing the notion that communication prowess is an inborn quality.

A significant portion of the conversation also addresses the implications of the shift to hybrid work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rogers posits that this transition has not only altered the way meetings are conducted but also the skills required to facilitate such meetings effectively. Navigating the hybrid work landscape is a mentally demanding task that requires a lot of learning and unlearning. Understanding your audience is deemed essential to ensure smooth interaction, especially in hybrid scenarios where participants can often feel left out.

Beth also compares and contrasts her experiences working with MBA students versus professionals in the field. While there are many overlapping elements, she points out a considerable difference in terms of motivation. She observes that students are driven by the desire to get good grades, whereas professionals usually attend her sessions due to a need to improve some aspect of their work or due to it being a mandated requirement. Irrespective of this, there’s an overarching “Aha!” moment that dawns upon participants when they comprehend how much control they can exert over shaping the perceptions others have of them through improved communication.

An illustration of this transformative realization is shared through the journey of her MBA student who successfully ran for student government by applying the skills learned in her course, making a dent in history as the first part-time MBA student to achieve this feat. This episode truly emphasizes the power of effective communication in reshaping personal and professional trajectories.

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