The More You Practice, The More Your Presence Improves

The data is in.

With all of our customers, we track usage-to-improvement rates very closely. After all, our whole purpose is to ensure our users are getting better over time; that the more they use our solution, the more their presence improves. 

With one of our university partners, we recently conducted an impact report. With over 600 users going through their assessments over the course of one semester, the results were indicative of a few amazing things: 


✅  We had a 100% participation rate. For anyone in the world of B2B software sales…you know this is an incredible feat.


✅  Of the total users, 90% of users took more than one assessment with 78% taking the fully allotted 3 assessments.

✅  Looking at trends in improvement, in every single category, those who took 3 assessments saw the greatest improvement. 
Let’s pause and let these incredible numbers sink in…..🕜 🕔  🕢 

For most of AI’s relatively short history, the question of its effectiveness has always been called into question. Within the context of coaching, will humans actually listen to AI’s suggestions? 

Our data conclusively shows that not only will humans listen to the AI’s feedback, but they will also update their behaviors, building new habits around the way they show up and represent themselves as professionals on video.

In our opinion, this is a pretty significant result for our software. At Virtual Sapiens, we work really hard to ensure our AI is as human and warm in its feedback as possible. We also want to provide relevant and actionable suggestions. 

These results fall in line with our other client case studies, and we are thrilled to share these numbers with you. 

If you or a team is interested in leveling up your video presence, please reach out!