Staying Present With Sidekick In Internal Meetings

Every Monday our team has a standing meeting to discuss the plan for the week and any roadblocks that may be in the way. We also have a daily checkin to touch base on what people are working on and to collaboratively solve problems. 

We always use video in these meetings, and we always have our Sidekick running. 

Standing meetings like this are very common and are a highly valuable moment of live connection with your team.

I hear very often that professionals don’t feel they need to show up with too much professionalism, or to follow best practices in these meetings because they are ‘casual’. 


Respectfully, we disagree. 

For any event where participants are spending their real, live, waking moments interacting either in person, or via video – these. moments. matter. And while we can defend and even welcome an air of being casual, ‘casual’ can still be professional.

The way we show up from a nonverbal perspective, reflects the respect we have for one another’s time.

In one such standing meeting on a Monday morning, I was having trouble staying focused. Instead of thinking ‘well, it’s just an internal meeting, so it doesn’t really matter’, I had the Sidekick help me stay alert, energized and importantly, to show my teammates that I am actively listening to them.

I thought I would share my post-call summary with you all, and offer a commentary on the results. Check out the video below…I scored high because my Sidekick was there to gently support me in staying present. 

Especially as I was not the main active speaker, these prompts were so helpful in keeping me on track. 

While our Sidekick is great for those super high pressure moments and first time sales calls, our Sidekick is also a powerful tool in helping you show up your best for your team mates. Because at the end of the day, it’s the relationships you create with your team that build real sustainability into your company.

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