How to Avoid ‘Disfluency’ in our Virtual World

Episode 2 in our pilot series of Conversations in the Future of Work is live!

This week, we welcome the inimitable Rosemary Ravinal a former international media executive and broadcaster who transitioned to her first love, public speaking and storytelling. Her work, while pervasive across industries, has a strong focus on Spanish speaking leaders, helping them build the confidence to lead in a non-native language. 

In this episode, Ravinal notes the increasing significance of communication skills, including cross-channel fluency and the ability to adapt to different modes of communication in the modern work environment. 

The concept of cross-channel fluency in particular resonates with me and the work we do at Virtual Sapiens. I have found there is a gap in matching specific communication skills to the appropriate channel of communication. A ‘disfluency’, as Rosemary points out.  

After all, the way you email is different from the way you might show up in person, which is different from the way you might show up virtually. 

That’s a lot to think about…but it’s a necessary skills adaptation to our new world of work. 

Give this episode a listen and feel free to connect with Rosemary directly in LinkedIn