How to Set Yourself Up for Meaningful Conversations

Episode 3 of Conversations in the Future of Work is LIVE!

This week, we welcome one of our favorite Europeans – Roberto Ferraro. Roberto was first exposed to Virtual Sapiens through our partners at IMD in Switzerland.  

In this episode we explore some of the creative ways Roberto has evolved his approach to establishing ‘meaningful conversations’ across channels. 

Roberto discusses the need for adaptability and a willingness to experiment with different forms of communication to engage and connect with others. From trying out new tech set up components to leveraging tools to build new communication skills specific to this nature of work. And we must say, his virtual presence has improved measurably in his use of Virtual Sapiens.

Overall, this episode provides practical and lived insights on how we can adapt our communication styles and techniques to better navigate the world of virtual communication and create more meaningful interactions despite being physically apart.