How To Make Active Listening Second Nature

“How do you juggle active listening and staying on top of your audience’s nonverbals on video?”

It often feels like there is way too much going on on video. Even if we know active listening is a powerful tool to leverage when building rapport on video, it is a tricky new skill to consider in addition to the many other things we are doing at the same time. (Like switching screens, sharing screens, monitoring the chat etc.)

This is why it is critical to develop new muscles around active listening – so that it becomes second nature.

This is true in many areas of life and is in fact how we grow and evolve as dynamic humans. Once we have developed muscle memory around new ways of showing up and communicating, we don’t have to spend the same amount of mental resources on them. After all…if we always had to spend the same amount of energy on new skills, we would never have room to get to the next level!

Give this discussion a listen for some tips and reasoning behind practicing active listening until it becomes a sticky new habit.

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