Managing A Video Call If You Can’t Tell Others Are Present

‘What do I do if I am on a video call, and others are not exhibiting virtual presence best practices?”

Chances are, we have all been in this situation. You are on a call, and you can’t, for the life of you, tell if people are paying attention, if what you are saying is resonating, if certain individuals are looking at you on another screen or just blatantly distracted.

In this week’s AMA, Dr. Marono and I go into some detail around things you can do before, during and even after an instance like this with your team.

✨ A big takeaway from this conversation, is that through video, our ability to affect other people’s energy and behavior is very real.

Making sure you show up in a way that contributes to a positive, energized call, is key. But so is paying attention to how other people’s behaviors on a call may be influencing you is just as critical.✨