How To Use AI As A Coach – Sales Hacker Guest Post

Over the past couple of months, the increasing presence and applications of AI have sent many minds for a spin.

Many professionals I have spoken with are desperately trying to understand the connection between AI and human interaction. For some, this new technology can feel especially threatening. For others, it can feel incredibly exciting, unlocking whole new worlds of possibility.

At Virtual Sapiens, we believe there is magic to be had when AI and humans interact, working together each with their strengths, to overcome certain weaknesses. One application of AI highlights this possibility quite clearly – and that is in using AI as an aid to coach at scale.

I teamed up with Sales Hacker, a dynamic community with over 60,000 sales professionals, to dig a little deeper into the ‘how’ of using AI as a coach, from a sellers and sales manager’s perspective. 

Imagine the power of using AI as a tool, not to replace sales professionals and sales managers, but to support them in the ongoing need for personalized coaching and feedback, delivered consistently and without bias, across sales teams.

Now that is 🤯 🤯 🤯

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