Sidekick Installation Instructions

FOR PC USERS ONLY*: In order to use the Sidekick with desktop versions of Zoom, Teams, Webex etc., you will need to download a virtual camera. We recommend Virtual Sapiens Camera – Follow Instructions Here.

In-Browser versions do not require this additional step.

*MAC users – Above step not required.

Access Your Sidekick via The Google Chrome Store Here.

You will be prompted with the following onboarding screens. Follow the instructions on each screen:

  1. Connect to Accounts. We do not store usernames and passwords in our system, rather, we use 3rd party OAuth authentication from either Google, Microsoft, or Zoom.

    • Press the Connect button for the service(s) you wish to connect to . You must choose at least one.

    • Connecting with Google and Microsoft Outlook will enable the calendar & event synchronization with the Sidekick. This allows Sidekick to automatically detect when you have video meetings.

    • Connecting with Zoom will allow Sidekick to automatically launch when your Zoom meeting starts and automatically end when your Zoom meeting ends.

  2. Choose Calendars. If you authenticated with Google or Microsoft Outlook, you will be prompted with available calendars from Google and/or Outlook.

    • Chose the calendar(s) you wish to have Sidekick track.

    • We only obtain read-only access to your calendars and will never make changes to them.

    • Please Note: In order for your Video Meetings to show up in your Calendar, the URL for your video must be in either the Description or Location field of your calendar event.

  3. Virtual Camera Installation and Setup(for PC users only). On this screen you will get instructions and download for Virtual Sapiens Camera. This is necessary because Windows does not allow 2 applications to have access to your webcam. A virtual camera will split your camera to multiple sources and circumvent this restriction.
  4. Cam & Mic Selection. On this screen you will grant Sidekick access to your camera and microphone.

    • This will be turned on only when Sidekick is active in a meeting and providing you feedback on your body language. Your resolution should match the resolution you use in your video chat platform. This is typically 720p.

    • Note for Windows Users – If you plan on using a video conferencing platform that is not web based (e.g. Zoom desktop client) you will need to install Virtual Sapiens Camera and choose that as your camera in both Sidekick and Zoom.  Instructions and download for Virtual Sapiens Camera are on the Virtual Camera Installation and Setup screen.

  5. Pin the Sidekick extension to Chrome for easier 1-click access. Click the Extensions puzzle piece in the upper right corner of Chrome then press the pin icon next to Virtual Sapiens Sidekick. It should now be visible all the time in your toolbar.

Sidekick Usage Instructions

  1. In Chrome, click the Sidekick extension icon and you will be prompted with all your video meetings for the day.

    • This will refresh automatically every time you open the Sidekick.

    • By default, Sidekick will automatically launch at the start of your meeting.

    • If you wish to disable this feature, you may toggle off the Auto slider next to the meeting(s).

  2. You can manually start a meeting by pressing the “Launch Meeting” button next to the meeting you wish to launch.

    • This will first launch the video conference platform (e.g. Zoom) and then launch the Sidekick toolbar in the configured location.

  3. You can also manually start Sidekick without a corresponding meeting.

    • This is useful for impromptu meetings or practice sessions.

    • Simply press the “Launch Sidekick” button at the bottom of the extension and it will launch the toolbar.

    • You do not need to have a video platform application running for this to work.

  4. When Sidekick is launched, our machine learning algorithms will locally analyze your body language.

    • At no time is your video or audio sent to the Cloud. Everything happens locally inside your browser only.

  5. As Sidekick’s algorithms monitor your body language, they will give you nudges to help ensure you are communicating as effectively as possible.

    • If you hover your mouse over a nudge icon, it will give you additional details on that nudge.

  6. Once the call is over it will automatically close the Sidekick toolbar. You may also manually close it at any time.

  7. You may also use the “Pre-call Check” prior to starting a meeting to ensure you have optimal framing and lighting (coming soon!). Simply press the “Pre-Call Check” button and follow the on-screen instructions for proper framing.

  8. Finally, there are a few settings you may wish to change in Sidekick.

    • Click the Settings icon in the extension to access them.

    • You can change your camera/microphone/resolution selection, enable or disable pre-call check push notifications and notification time windows as well as the Sidekick window position upon launch.

    • We recommend top-center as it allows you to glance at the Sidekick while maintaining good eye-contact with your video chat participants.

  9. You may also connect or disconnect to Google, Outlook, and Zoom at any time by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner of the extension. Here you can also add/remove calendars to synchronize with Sidekick.

Sidekick Uninstallation Instructions

  1. Open Chrome and type chrome://extensions in the URL bar.

  2. Press Remove button.

  3. You have now successfully uninstalled the Sidekick extension.

  4. To remove access to your Zoom Account, you must:

    1. Log into your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

    2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Virtual Sapiens Sidekick app

    3. Click the Virtual Sapiens Sidekick app

    4. Click Uninstall

  5. To remove access to your Gmail Account, you must:

    1. Navigate to your 3rd Party Google Apps

    2. Click Virtual Sapiens Sidekick

    3. Click Remove Access