The C-Suite Skills That Matter Most

Looking at trends in C-Suite position searches and the most relevant skills, it is refreshing to see a shift towards ‘social skills’. As defined in this recent article by Harvard Business Review:
“When we refer to “social skills,” we mean certain specific capabilities, including a high level of self-awareness, the ability to listen and communicate well, a facility for working with different types of people and groups, and what psychologists call “theory of mind”—the capacity to infer how others are thinking and feeling.”

The topic of self-awareness is of particular interest to us at Virtual Sapiens as it is one of the first things our users notice improving while using our in-call Sidekick for feedback on their virtual presence.

Self-awareness is developed through feedback. Getting feedback consistently, especially in a virtual environment, is a gap in many professionals’ continued development. 

Given these are the skills that are increasingly being attributed to strong leadership and C-suite positions, tools that provide quality feedback with a focus on communication must be leveraged. 

Read the full article on HBR here.