The Future of AI and Human Interaction – L&D Focus

Our partners at Ariel Group interviewed our CEO, Rachel Cossar on the intersection between AI and Learning & Development. 

Ariel Group is a leader in the Leadership Presence and Communication Skills space – we are thrilled to be working with them to amplify human potential in our new world of work. 

This interview is a must read for any leaders in HR, L&D, and Talent Development. 

Read the full interview directly on Ariel Group’s Blog here

“AI will only become more and more embedded within the L&D space. While the narrative of leveraging AI can sometimes angle towards distrust, we believe that AI can be used ethically, to unlock massive potential. In essence, AI can become the underlying force that amplifies human potential in a more accessible way.

We think we are at the absolute tip of the iceberg when it comes to computer vision in particular. As our devices and supporting technologies become more and more efficient, the use of personalized AI tools to improve our professional impact will only become more seamless and convenient. Thus unlocking a large part of their power.”