The Real Cost of Miscommunication

Grammarly recently conducted a study on the overall state of communication (both verbal and text based) and its relationship with productivity and deal win rates.

Interestingly, the ‘ROI’ on communication has been notoriously hard to track. Did that deal go through because of what was said, how it was said, the time of day, the length of the meeting???

What this study brings to light is the incredible time lost, deals lost and energy spent when communication misfires. According to their results, when communication skills are taught, training and enforced, the following positive outcomes can be measured: 

  • 72% increase in productivity
  • 63% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 60% increased employee confidence
  • 56% increased job satisfaction
  • 54% improved relationships with colleagues
When communication misfires, and time is spent solving issues that derive from things like poorly delivered and understood instructions, time wasted in meetings, low levels of trust/rapport building, the following losses can be observed: 
  • 19% lost business (30% of business leaders say the deal was either won or lost specifically due to the quality of the communication throughout)
  • 43% lowered productivity
This amounts to a $1.2 trillion dollar loss spread across a multitude of organizational factors.

In our world today, the need for effective communication is only increasing. Communication training is not keeping pace with these needs. Both written/asynchronous and verbal/real-time channels of communication are up year over year, and these skills need to be sharpened. 

With our new foray into verbal communication cues, we are looking forward to being a key support to organizations investing in the improved communication, and confidence of their employees. 

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