Top 3 Soft Skills You Need To Master

A broad study was published recently surveying the soft skills employers are seeking vs the soft skills employees feel they need training.

This is all within the context of a drastically, and continually evolving world of work. 

The top three soft skills that were identified in this study, are: 
🗣️ Communication
❓ Problem Solving
🌱 Adaptability

84% of surveyed employees believe it is critical to get training on these soft skills in order for them to develop as professionals, and excel in their jobs. 

In order to upskill a team to excel in soft skills like these, they need to be seamlessly incorporated into onboarding, and ongoing (some people call this ‘ever-boarding’) training programs. 

One of the call-outs we especially appreciate in this study is around specific skills training and intervention. This is important to note on both the skill level, but also on the level of the individual. 

Some people need more support in communication and others need more support in creative problem solving. 

This means you also need tools to quickly assess where individuals stand on a spectrum of skills awareness to mastery. 

At Virtual Sapiens, our tools are fantastic additions to onboarding programs and ongoing, reinforcement training. If your team is lacking in the very real skill of communicating over video, let’s chat:)