Why Effective Nonverbal Communication is Critical for Founders to Master on Video

Since the start of the pandemic, what message would you share with startup founders concerning the importance of nonverbal communication when speaking to investors?

This question, while directed towards startup founders, is relevant to anyone who has to show up and sell. 

This can be said for individuals during job interviews. It can be said for founders in front of investors. It can most certainly be said for anyone trying to sell in the classic sense as well.  

Our Takeaways:

😬  Many of us know that most instances of selling are short, pressured moments of impression formation and rapid relationship building.

😄  Many of us know to practice, practice, practice our content.

😕  Whether these pitches are happening on video, or in-person, the way we deliver our pitch, from the second we show up live, to the very end and sign off, is practiced much less.

In a world that is so intensely competitive, it is crucial to own as much of your delivery as possible. Nonverbal communication and body language awareness is the first step in this equation. Intentionally pairing our nonverbals to what we say, is the next. 

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