The Tell-Tale Signals You’ve Lost Your Audience on Video

There is a lot going on in video meetings. Particularly for multi-participants meetings, where people are presenting, taking polls and more, it can feel like you are juggling 10 balls at a time…and still have no idea of whether and when people are engaged with what you are sharing.

Video conferencing technology tends to make it even more difficult to read the virtual room. 

While we are working on technology that will support meeting presenters and facilitators when it comes to understanding engagement virtually, it’s helpful to know what to look for ourselves. 

In this week’s AMA with Dr. Marono, we answered the question: 

What are the tell-tale nonverbal cues that can signal that your audience is disengaged/not listening? 

This is one of the golden powers of video.

If you can tell when your audience is with you, and when they are not, you can greatly increase you impact as a virtual communicator.

This is knowledge that can elevate professionals in today’s evolving world of work. 

Check out the video below to hear Dr. Marono and my thoughts on things you can look out for during your next video meeting: 

Virtual Sapiens is working on technology to fill this important and missing communication loop – and our current products are already helping you ensure you are sending the messages you intend to.