How AI and Humans Interact – Amplification…or Replacement?

At a recent documentary film festival, AI was a big topic of conversation. While a lot of uncertainty exists around exactly how AI will continue to evolve and interact with humans, a few specific questions are on everyone’s minds…

In this week’s Ask Me Anything, Dr. Marono and I take a slightly deeper dive into the following question: 

Could AI Replace Humans in Relationship Driven Roles? 

The answers are nuanced, taking to light where we are with the technology today, where we aren’t yet, and also, where we might go. 

While it’s easier to see how AI could replace certain more technical or content oriented tasks, it is even scarier to consider how AI might grow into more relationship driven tasks, which require a much higher level of accuracy, understanding of context and idiosyncratic/interpersonal dynamics.

Already we see conversational AI being applied to chat bots that are increasingly personalized and human-like. In some cases, as seen with Replika AI users and with the Human-like robot, Sophia, the future doesn’t seem so far off.

Check our conversation out and let us know what you think about the future of AI and human interaction!