How Technology Has Evolved To Support Better Communication

It is interesting to look at how technology has evolved to support better communication in general, and over video, in particular.

As Dr. Marono mentions in our short conversation on the topic, the importance of nonverbals has actually blossomed during the pandemic. 

It can appear almost ironic, but removing our ability to see a full person IRL when we communicate important messages has made us all acutely aware of just how important those cues are. 

Of course, the main driver behind much of the innovation around remote communication has been the loss of this in person connection. Again, ironically, we have discovered a new channel of human communication, one which in fact does celebrate and leverage the nonverbals of important conversations. 

It is because of this potential that we see so much innovation in this space, whether it’s the work we are doing at Virtual Sapiens, or the work of so many other notable startups and major companies. We have identified a trend of the future – and we are here to improve our ability to communicate, connect, and drive positive impact via new means. 

Check out our discussion on the topic below: 

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