How to Achieve and Perceive Authenticity With Nonverbals

There’s a reason habit breaking and habit building are such tricky endeavors. Particularly in the world of communication, we often struggle between honing our communication skills, and feeling authentic.

Speaking from my experience as a professional ballet dancer and athlete, I can share that building new habits and strengthening new muscles can often feel uncomfortable, difficult, unnatural. 

But that is what growth is all about.

If we are not willing to put ourselves out of our comfort zones, to try out new models, new movements, new vocabulary, we will never have the benefits of discovering new ways to communicate with even more impact. 

As usual with communication, and nonverbal communication in particular, the questions we ask of ourselves, can often be reflected onto others. For instance, how can I ensure I am coming across with authenticity leads to the question: 

How can I tell if someone is communicating with authenticity? 

In this video, Dr. Marono and I take the time to discuss how you can explore new pathways of communication, while staying true to your authentic self. Understanding this question first, is key to then understanding how you can perceive authenticity, and inauthenticity, in others.