Video As a ‘Need To Have’

So many future of work companies (including yours truly 😀 ) sprouted up during the pandemic. When it comes to spotting trends related to video, I wanted to speak with someone who has been on the video bandwagon prior to the pandemic…

So I got on a call with Chad Lakin of Shootsta to hear what he had to say about where video is headed, and how we can think about leveraging video effectively as part of our communication strategy.

Here are the key takeaways – I highly recommend giving our conversation a watch:

🎥 The role of video is expanding – from a ‘nice to have’, to a ‘need to have’
🎥 Video allows for a humanistic experience and connection – particularly for distributed teams
🎥 Don’t lose your audience with ‘video overkill’ – be strategic about when you leverage asynchronous video
🎥 When it comes to developing a comfortable and confident impression on video – you need to put in the reps.

This last point in particular bears repeating…many professionals may expect to be able to simply show up on video as they would in person, without realizing that this is a fundamentally different channel.

Video communication presence, and skills require practice. They require specific feedback, and effort in turning new skills into new muscle memory. 

We recommend our assessment and Sidekick tools to any professional who relies on video to communicate. And you an try them both out for free!