Special Guest Interview – Tips For At-Home Virtual Event Speakers

In our first special guest interview our CEO, Rachel Cossar, speaks with Mia Masson, Head of Content at Swapcard. 

At Virtual Sapiens, we are all about helping professionals get the most out of their virtual meetings and events. What we love about Swapcard, is their dedication to providing audiences across the globe with the highest level impact event experience with a special focus on at-home audiences. 

As we are seeing the virtual component continue to embed itself within our future, it is crucial to think about how we can make virtual events feel more real for at-home audiences and as at-home presenters.

Check out the two short videos where Mia shares her thoughts. 

Question 1: With so many virtual events feeling ‘the same’, what can we do to make our virtual meeting or event pop?

Key Takeaways: 

  • Have a dedicated Emcee for your digital audience
  • Tailor content to create a a VIP viewing experience
  • If you can swing it…send out some SWAG!

Question 2: What can at-home presenters do to both show up professionally, without it feeling over-produced? 

Ket Takeaways: 

  • Remember you are speaking at this event for a reason!
  • Be yourself and don’t be afraid to have a ‘human moment’
  • Of course – structure your content clearly and with concrete takeaways

A HUGE thank you to Mia for her time and sharing her expertise with us. 

Please check out Swapcard for any of your ‘smart event’ needs!