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Yes! You Can, and Should, Use Hand Gestures on Zoom

One of our user’s recently shared an important realization from their Virtual Presence Assessment experience. Here it is paraphrased below:  “I didn’t realize I could use hand gestures on zoom…or that they could add such value to my virtual communication.” This professional is not alone – quite a few professionals have shared similar sentiments. There are …

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Debunking Body Language Myths

Nonverbal communication is a largely misunderstood area. While a powerful and essential component of communication and relationship building, it is not a magic wand. Check out this recent round up on Psychology Today, of the top ten body language myths from Joe Navarro and our very own behavioral science expert advisor at Virtual Sapiens, Dr. Abbie Maroño, PhD. My …

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Impression Management on Video

Impression management is a core component of what we aim to teach at Virtual Sapiens.  The way we have designed both in-call nudges and post-call insights is around the various ways in which your audience can perceive you based on your nonverbal behaviors. The three main perception themes are:  Perceived Trustworthiness Authority Impression Energy and …

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